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Moving Out Guide

What Is The Difference Between Ordinary Wear And Tear And Damages?

"Ordinary wear and tear" to one person may be viewed as "abuse" or "damage" to another. In the absence of a definition of ordinary wear and tear, we phrase the definition as follows:

"Ordinary wear and tear means deterioration that occurs without negligence, carelessness or abuse of the premises, equipment, furnishings or appliances by the tenant, a member of his household or other persons on the premises with his/her consent."

We conduct Move-Out inspections after the resident has completely moved out and has returned the keys to us; once that is done within seven business days of the move out/return of keys, we will conduct a move out inspection. Please see our Settlement Charges Schedule for further details.

* The chart on the right provides some guidelines for distinguishing normal wear and tear from damages.

Preparing For The Move-Out

Tenants are expected to leave the rental property in good, clean condition, ordinary wear and tear accepted. Some suggestions to help residents return the rental property to us (the landlord) in proper condition:

Security Deposit Returns

Ordinary Wear & Tear

  • Minor marks on or nicks in wall
  • Faded, cracked or chipped paint
  • Sheetrock cracks from settling
  • Carpeting slightly worn or faded
  • Vinyl flooring worn thin
  • Water-stained vinyl flooring by shower
  • Minor scuffing on wood floor
  • A carpet worn thin by ordinary use
  • Toilet running or unstable
  • Worn gaskets on refrigerator
  • Cabinet doors that will not close
  • Cabinet doors that are broken
  • Cabinet doors that are damaged
  • Closet door off track
  • Slightly dusty blinds
  • Loose hinges or door handles
  • Slightly dirty windows or screens
  • Water-stained flooring by shower
  • Loose Handles on Kitchen cabinets

Resident Caused Damage

  • Uncleanable tiles or grout
  • Holes in wall larger than nail size (picture hanger)
  • Excessive nail holes.
  • Unauthorized wallpaper or wallpaper type materials
  • Dirty walls in need of a complete repainting
  • Faded, cracked or chipped paint
  • Crayon marks, writing on walls
  • Oil spots on walls
  • Unapproved paint color or excessive dirt
  • Holes in walls from punching
  • Holes in walls from doorknob or carelessness
  • Torn, stained or burned carpeting
  • Vinyl flooring with tears, holes or burn marks
  • Uncleanable tiles or grout
  • Large gouges or scratches on wood floor
  • Stains and odors in rug caused by pets, spills or leaks
  • Broken toilet seat or tank top
  • Broken refrigerator shelves, trays, bins or bars
  • Greasy, sticky or broken cabinets and interiors
  • Missing kitchen cabinet knobs
  • Damaged or missing closet doors
  • Doorknobs/ handles missing from doors
  • Missing, broken or bent slats on blinds
  • Damage to door or frame from forced entry
  • Broken windows or torn or missing screens
  • Uncleanable tiles or grout
  • Broken or missing handles on cabinets
  • Doors broken or torn off of hinges
  • Cracked or broken tiles
  • Refrigerator/stove parts that are missing
  • Torn off the wall towel rods

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