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Lawrenceville Ga Property Management

ALH|Podland Realty has been providing professional Lawrenceville Property Management services since 2008. First as investors, then, as a Lawrenceville property management company. We are not a large company, but we treat each home as if it was one of ours and each investor as if they are one of us. Why? Because we are property owners ourselves and we offer a true "For Investors, By Investors"  Lawrenceville Property Management Service.

ALH|Podland Realty has spent last eight years perfecting its systems and processes and improving the way Lawrenceville property management services are done, so you can trust ALH|Podland Realty professional property management in Lawrenceville to give you professional, timely, courteous and accurate service.

Our responsive team of highly-trained Lawrenceville Property Managers is prepared to meet the extensive demands of Lawrenceville property management – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our licensed builder oversees all maintenance issues and has a crew of professionals to resolve any issue that comes up. From evictions and troublesome tenants, to marketing and understanding legal issues, we know what works, what rents, and how to get more from your property-with less disruptions for you. We have the experience, licensing and insurance to save you money, help you make money and avoid costly mistakes.

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Lawrenceville property management can be a difficult business, which is why more investors are leaving their properties in the hands of professional property management companies. Whether you own one rental home or a large portfolio of investment properties, ALH|Podland Realty has the expertise you can count on and trust.

Check out our blogs on landlording and Lawrenceville property management, our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and don't forget to watch our videos on property management tips and tricks available on YouTube.

Why Work With Us

There are a number of excellent property management companies in Lawrenceville Ga and the surrounding areas, and we’re sharing just a few of the reasons that you might want to consider working with ALH|Podland Realty when you have a rental property in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Investment Knowledge+

Whether you have a single rental property or an entire portfolio of investments, we have over 32 years of combined knowledge and experience in real estate construction, remodeling and property management to help take care of your income earning properties. We know that your goal is to maximize the return you get on your investment, and we know how to get you the most amount of rent while keeping expenses low. If you need advice on what type of property to buy or where you should buy it, we can help you choose the home that will increase your ability to attract high quality tenants.

Property Management Experience+

With over 32 years of combined knowledge and experience in real estate construction, remodeling and property management we take care of your income earning properties as only investors can. We have managed up to 60 properties at one time and we know how to provide the personal attention that your home needs. When you work with us, you have access to all the tools and resources our experience brings. That's why we say it's property management "By Investors" and "For Investors".

Customized Service+

Our goal is to treat every rental property as if it is our own. We aggressively advertise and market your property when it’s vacant, we carefully select only the most qualified tenants who have a record of taking care of homes and paying rent on time, and we stay on top of inspections and maintenance during the course of a tenancy. We also utilize innovative technology that allows us to be efficient in our procedures and processes. Tenants can pay rent online and you can receive your payments electronically. We believe in transparency, and you’ll always have access to information about your property.

Local Expertise+

Finally, we have a complete understanding of the local market. Prices, tenant preferences and housing needs change from neighborhood to neighborhood and we stay on top of those market adjustments. We are a local company and our management team has been living and working in this area for years. In addition to ongoing property management, we can provide assistance when you’re making investment decisions and we can help you with remodeling projects that will bring more value to your home and help you find the best tenants on the market.

Advantages of ALH|Podland Realty Services

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Rental property management is a 24/7 business, frequently demanding after hours work at inconvenient times. Plus, it requires experience, licensing and insurance to guarantee conformity with local, state and federal laws. That’s where ALH|Podland Realty comes in and, gives property owners seasoned business professionals who know how to manage expenses and maximize profits, who are willing to take calls 24/7 and handle emergencies, focus on growing owner income, marketing and maintaining properties, doing accounting and making sure that the tenants are happy and owners are satisfied. Why would you ask? 

Because we are investors just like you, with that being said, we bring real estate, construction and business experience to the table. We have successfully managed properties since 2008 and have refined the property management process utilizing some of the latest technologies in combination with tried and true techniques of construction and Lawrenceville Ga property management. 

ALH|Podland Realty is comprised of seasoned professionals, specialists in their fields such as a licensed builder, a managing broker with over 20 years of experience who knows the Lawrenceville Ga real estate market like the back of his hand, a property manager who is also a business expert that knows how to bring together the people, set up and manage the processes and position the product to the appropriate level to minimize costs and maximize revenue. Of course our support team of accountant, leasing professionals, maintenance personnel and Lawrenceville property managers completes the picture with dedication, knowledge and expertise.

ALH|Podland Realty gives you a peace of mind knowing that professionals are taking care of your property without disturbing your daily life, so you can enjoy the things, and people, most important to you, while being assured that everything is being done to maximize your revenue from your investment.

Benefits of using ALH|Podland Realty as Your Lawrenceville Property Management Company


ALH|Podland Realty & Rental Homes Property Management. is a licensed Real Estate Company. Lawrenceville Property Management is our primary business. Our goal is to provide maximum return on investment for property owners and investors and quality rental housing for the community. We are experts in our field. We give each investor, resident and property the individual attention and care that makes us unique.


ALH|Podland Realty & Rental Homes Property Management. wants to make sure that our investors and residents are also knowledgeable in their respective areas of interest that we offer a blog for investors, called "Owner Buzz" that publishes educational materials on a weekly basis and a blog for the residents, called "Resident Buzz" that publishes on a quarterly basis. We cover topics such as tenant screening, lease signing, evictions and cover many other landlord topics on the Owner Buzz blog. For the residents, we cover such topics as rental home decorating, what landlords are looking for in a tenant, how to maintain their rental home and many other tips and trick on being a good tenant.

Property Presentation+

We present your property to the largest available rental market. Because of the diverse inventory of properties that we manage, we can fulfill most potential renter’s needs in housing. As your Lawrenceville Property Management company, we are always aware of current market conditions. This allows us to rent your property at its highest value in the shortest amount of time possible. In attracting new residents, we use a broad range of advertising media. Yard signs, Internet advertising, resident referral programs, Realtor and leasing company referrals are just a few.

Qualifying Residents+

We have a vested interest in attracting new residents. Our entire application process is designed to enable us to make sound decisions in choosing new residents. We verify employment and income. We verify current and past rental references including payment history and condition upon move out. We do criminal background checks, prior eviction checks, terrorist checks and child molesters checks. We obtain a credit bureau reports that includes not only credit history but also current balances. All this information is reviewed to determine if a prospective resident has the ability to pay rent on a timely basis and care for the property in a manner we deem appropriate.


Providing qualified, reasonably priced personnel who will get the job done right is one of our greatest assets to you. We consider maintenance a service to our investors. We deal with this daily, so we know what repairs should cost and how long they will take to complete. We have been able to negotiate favorable contracts with heat and air, appliance, pest control, lawn service, paint and carpet companies because of the volume of business we can offer them. We protect the value of your investment by maintaining your property at current neighborhood standards. To allow you a piece of mind, we manage your Lawrenceville rental property with a 24/7 emergency hotline.


Our accounting system is specifically designed for small investors. Our convenient monthly statements provide you with a full, itemized record of all transactions. We will direct deposit funds into your account monthly and email you statements. Copies of all work orders and receipts are kept on file throughout the year. A variety of reports are available, allowing us to give you as much detail as you require. Our year-end statement simplifies the job of tax preparation for you and your accountant.

Rent Collection+

All rent is due on the 1st of each month and considered late if received after the 3 rd of the month. Legal proceedings are initiated immediately in order to remove that tenant within the same month for nonpayment of rent. We process our own dispossessory warrants and follow them through the magistrate’s court.

Property Inspections+

Our main job is to protect your invest property. We do this in different ways. Our property managers make frequent driving tours. Exterior inspections are very important. A property well maintained on the outside is normally being taken care of on the inside. The right for us to make routine announced inspections is part of the tenant’s Lease Agreement. Tenants who are doing a poor job are notified in writing.

Complete Documentation+

Thorough, complete documentation is an important part of good property management. It prevents confusion, misunderstanding, and gives everyone involved a clear understanding of what is expected. Samples of the various documents we use to screen and lease, inspect and maintain property conditions, and report financial information are available upon request.

Why We Are the Best

We take the hassle out of Lawrenceville Property Management. We offer professional, courteous staff, “For Investors” and “By Investors” property management services, a 24 hours emergency hotline and we are really knowledgeable at what we do.

Lawrenceville Ga Area Information

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Lawrenceville Ga was incorporated by an act of the Georgia General Assembly on 15 December 1821. This makes Lawrenceville Ga the second oldest city in the metropolitan Atlanta area. The city is named after Commodore James Lawrence, commander of the Frigate Chesapeake during the War of 1812. In 1821 a permanent site for the county courthouse was selected and purchased, the four streets bordering the square were laid out along with other streets in the village, and a public well was dug. Major Grace built the first permanent courthouse, a brick structure, in 1823-24 for a cost of $4,000. The courthouse presently on the square was constructed in 1885. Source From Wikipedia

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