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What to Expect When You Move In to a Rental Home

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Marina Shlomov - Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The excitement of moving to a new home can be overwhelming. It’s a fresh start and you’re likely looking forward to having a clean slate to work with, here you'll find what your landlord will do to prepare the rental home for your  family and What to Expect When You Move In to a Rental Home. While Decatur rental homes and properties for rent in Stone Mountain are beautiful and many come with lots of the amenities you are looking for, there will most likely be some things that you'll need to know how to handle.

Many Decatur rental homes are older homes that are full of character and charm, but are not brand new construction, and even though they are usually completely remodeled prior to being put on the rental home market, there are certain things that will not be done. What types of things won't be done by a landlord during remodeling? Well, pipes in walls will not be replaced unless they have been torn out at purchase of home, remember, most of the rental homes on the market are homes that have been foreclosed on in the last few years. Some homes were very outdated, some needed a lot of repair, some just needed paint and a new when investors purchased these foreclosed homes, the level of remodeling done to any particular home depended on the condition of that home at purchase. Yes, most landlord thoroughly remodel the home, put in new kitchens, enlarge rooms, put in the flooring, new appliances, new faucets, new paint, the fact remains - it's still an older home. It's an older home with character and personality, however, with that character comes a certain level of unexpectedness to the resident as well as the landlord.

Managing Expectations

Most rental homes in Georgia are rented out in a clean and functional "As It Stands" condition. This means the landlord will ensure the home is thoroughly cleaned and essential repairs are made, but some conditions, such as a missing window screen or a missing outside light, may not be on the list of things to do. Any time you look at properties for rent in Decatur or anywhere else, they usually come in an "As Is" condition meaning if the screens are not on the windows, they won't be put in when someone moves in. If there is no outside light, it won't be put in. Now, it doesn't mean that if there are problems with the home, that they won't be repaired. Not at all. Usually, most landlords will repair items having to do with the functionality of the home. 

The majority of rental homes will have freshly shampooed carpets, paint that has been retouched or completely redone, a well-manicured yard -- these are certainly things you can expect with a rental home. But while your rental house will be cleaned and well maintained upon move-in, remember that this home has been lived in before, and may bear signs of the happy families it has housed in the past

Make Maintenance Requests Early

When you live in Decatur rental homes, you are not responsible for the regular maintenance (check your landlords maintenance policies for specific homes) beyond changing light bulbs, HVAC filters, yard maintenance, pest control and performing minor repairs within the home; however, your landlord won’t be able to fix any problems if they don’t know they exist. Like with any home, whether rented, or owned, issues can arise. If you're faced with a broken refrigerator or leaking pipe during the time you are renting, let your landlord know right away. They will be happy to remedy problems such as these. 

As you consider rental homes in Atlanta, keep a written list of items you want to discuss with the landlord or property manager. Requesting any maintenance when you sign the lease can be a great time to find out which issues they are willing to fix and which ones will be left as-is. For instance, any functionality problems that are found during the walk-through before the home is rented out will be fixed before you move in, so rest assured every appliance and fixture in your rental home will be in good working order when you are handed the keys. 

Ask about Changes

In some situations, your landlord may be willing to allow you to make the changes you want; however, it’s always important to talk to your landlord before doing anything. Keep in mind the landlord is not obligated to reimburse you any money spent. It’s also important to keep any original fixtures you may replace so you can change them back when you move out. This allows you to keep the fixtures you buy when you move into a different home.

Decatur rental homes and other rental homes in Georgia can all be excellent options, but it’s important to realize you aren’t the first person to live there and you won’t be the last. While landlords are required by law to offer clean, livable conditions, this doesn’t mean they have to change anything to suit your specifications. Small aesthetic aspects such as paint color, the appearance of the lawn or garden and interior touches such as light fixtures all depend on personal preferences and may not exactly line up with your tastes. Whether you work with your landlord to make changes yourself or you are satisfied with the current state of your rental, your rental home will be safe and clean.

If you are looking for rental homes in the Atlanta area, contact us. Our rental properties are in move-in condition and we feature security systems and a 24/7 emergency hotline. To learn more about the advantage of ALH|Podland rental homes, check out the About Us page.

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