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Tips for enhancing the curb appeal of your rental property

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Marina Shlomov - Monday, May 15, 2017


Tips for Enhancing the Curb Appeal of Your Rental Property 


The greatest selling point of your vacant rental property is its curb appeal. The way your curb looks, influences the type and quantity of prospective tenants it attracts. Hence, if you want to find occupants for your property quickly, your Atlanta property management experts suggest you must ensure your curb is beautiful and enticing at all times. Fortunately, there are many things which you can do to accomplish that. The following are a few tips for enhancing the curb appeal of your rental property.


Determine what areas to revamp


Before you start to face-lift your curb, you need to know what sections you should revamp. Act like it’s your first time visiting your property and take note of areas that are an eyesore. If you can, observe how the curbs of the surrounding properties look and then compare them to yours. Alternatively, you could approach a reputable landscaping contractor or have your professional rental management company to help you identify what areas you need to upgrade.

Picture of roof


Restore the roof


The roof is a conspicuous feature of your house, which guests can see even before they arrive at your rental property. Do not let it deprive you the joy of getting high-quality tenants. Take the time to make it new and shiny. Repair the damaged parts and replace those that are scruffy, old and rusty. Also, clean it to remove any twigs, fallen leaves, and debris that might be stuck on it, after which, you should paint it with a suitable roofing color. Besides helping to attract potential tenants, a well-restored roof improves the aesthetic appeal of the property, eliminates leakages and improves the house’s energy efficiency.


Style up the front door


Your front door is the main entry point to your home. When a person intends to view your property, naturally he or she will look for the door. It can be quite a deal breaker if when a prospective tenant comes calling, he or she interacts with a damaged, old and ill-looking door. Therefore, take the time to ensure your door is attractive and welcoming. Remove and repair any cracked, warped or broken wood, and replace old doorknobs with new ones. Furthermore, make sure that the keys to the door locks are working. Finally, splash some bright coat of paint on the door to create a warm and inviting appeal.


Clean the exterior walls


At times the only thing making your property seem old, deserted and unattractive to renters are the walls. If they are dusty, dirty, or dull because of mold or peeling paint, high-quality prospects will shun your property and move on to the next attractive house. Before rushing to paint the walls, however, make time to clean and prepare the surface. It would help a great deal if you used a pressure washer in that quest. Once the wall is sparkling, wait for it to dry before applying a nice coat of paint.


Spruce up the lawn area


gardens at atlanta property management companies

A proven way to bring life to your curb is to make the yard exciting. For instance, you could plant colorful flowers, prune the hedges to create brilliant designs, install beautiful water features, grow some turf or even introduce some eye-catching fixtures. Whatever option you go with, just make sure it is one that is easy to maintain. Otherwise, your lawn will be a constant distraction. For instance, when it comes to flowers, it is safe to go for the hardy perennials, which do not require constant attention. Similarly, go slow on the garden décor to avoid ending up with a lawn that looks like an amusement park. 


Beautify the drive and pathways


Many proprietors do not take the time to clean and maintain the entrance to their properties. As a result, they fail to attract good tenants despite having beautiful, and moderately priced units. Unknown to these landlords is the fact that prospective renters use the image of the oily, damaged or tattered pathway to form an opinion about the property. Avoid falling into such predicaments by repairing and cleaning your drive. For instance, you could pressure wash the path to remove grease and oil spills, or even install a heated driveway, for eliminating snow.

atlanta rental properties Rental Management provided by a professional rental management company, ALH|Podland Realty, Alpharetta, GA 

Replace the windows


Another effective way to revamp your curb is to change the look of your windows. For example, you could replace the old windows with new ones that are energy efficient. Similarly, you could replace your picture windows with either the slider or double hung windows. Still, if you do not feel like replacing the windows, you could just repaint them with attractive house colors. Your rental management company can assist you with this project, or just help pick out the right colors.

Enhancing your property's curb appeal is an often overlooked aspect of finding quality tenants. By improving your home's curb appeal, prospective renters will have better first impressions of your rental unit. 

This article was written by Costello Realty & Management,you can visit their website at They are a Las Vegas property management company. 

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