Owners: 404.937.1850
Prospective Tenants: 770.783.3737

Atlanta Property Management Pricing

Service 8% or $90 Min 9% or $99 Min 10% or $130 Min
Tenant Placement 100% of first month rent 100% of first month rent 100% of first month rent
Annual Rental Analysis
Rent Collection
Rent Distribution via ACH Deposit
Hold funds in Escrow
Move-in/Move-out Inspections
Send Demand Letters/Collect Delinquent Rent
Coordinate Evictions
Yearly Summary and 1099 Preparation
Coordinate Maintenance
Payment Date Guarantee
30 Day Leasing Guarantee
Six Months Tenant Placement Guarantee
Receive and Oversee Cure for HOA Violations
Bi-Annual Interim Limited Property Inspection - Consists of 10 to 20 photos and short description $125 per Visit
Property On-Boarding Fee $395 $199
Lease Renewal Fees $395 $295
Court Appearances $250 per Visit $250 per Visit
Police and Insurance Claim Report Property Visit $200 per Visit $200 per Visit
Oversee Insurance Claim $350 per Claim $350 per Claim
Interim Full Property Inspection - Consists of about 200 to 250 photos and a full report as to the condition of the property. Done on month 4 and 8 $250 per Visit $250 per Visit
Utility Connection Services $75 +$15/month $75 +$15/month
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Executive Investor's Club

You get Free Property Management with a Silver plan when you use ALH|Podland Realty & Rental Homes Property Management to buy or sell your next investment property. We offer 12 month of free Full Service monthly management services using the Silver Plan to all of our clients who use our Real Estate Brokerage services to purchase or sell a property.

Property Remodeling

Rental Property Preparation: If you use our sister company, Atlanta Legacy Homes, Inc. to remodel your newly purchased income producing investment property to prepare your property for rent, you will get a year of Free Property Management services utilizing our Silver Plan. A total of 12 month of free Full Service monthly management services with our Silver Plan, as our way to help contribute to your return on investment. All construction and remodeling work is done by a licensed residential builder who is a member of the much coveted Certified Professional Home Builders in the Atlanta area.

Flip Property Remodeling: If you use our sister company, Atlanta Legacy Homes, Inc. to remodel your newly purchased investment property to prepare your property for a flip and sell the property through our Real Estate Brokerage Service, we will refund you two percent of our portion of commissions after closing.

Other Services

Property Management Services Overview+

  • Collect the rent from the date of engagement
  • Manage the tenant per your lease terms from the date of engagement
  • Coordinate repairs from the date of engagement
  • Perform inspections from the date of engagement; as specified in your pricing plan
  • Process and coordinate eviction if necessary from the date of engagement; as specified in your pricing plan

ALH|Podland Realty & Rental Homes Property Management. Goal For Your Successful Property Management Experience+

  • To re-rent the property before it becomes vacant utilizing the our advance marketing system.
  • Provide 24-Hour emergency contact persons, in the event of an emergency affecting the property and implementation of any emergency plan for the property.
  • Provide a maintenance service request system that documents tenant repair requests with follow-up use of licensed and insured contractors.
  • Provide rent collections on the first of each month via E-Check, ACH, Direct Deposit, and Money order.
  • Evaluate and provide recommendations as to the improvement of the property's function and explanations and recommendations for the visual aesthetics
  • Provide computerized accounting records of all income received, and expense disbursement via a 24 hour/7 day a week online system.
  • Provide Free CMA (comparative Market Analysis)  on a yearly basis to determine current property value, upon request
  • Monthly payment of expenses attributed to the operation of the property as provided for the property, i.e., property taxes, mortgage, insurance, utilities, maintenance items, and/or related vendor contracts for specific services as so authorized by owner.
  • Disburse Owner funds monthly electronically by ACH to your bank by the 10th of the month (providing that rent has been paid)
  • Monitor and oversee outside vendor contract work.
  • Provide supervision of all maintenance work performed on the property as to maintain the professional appearance of the property.
  • Provide the resource to improve Landlord/Tenant relationship and in the event a dispute should arise, mitigate said dispute.
  • Perform move-in / move-out inspections to ensure tenant's acceptance of property and to eliminate any disputes at the termination of their lease.
  • Move-in/move-out inspections are compiled into a report and are posted to the tenant and owner portals for all to review.
  • Photos and videos are incorporated into inspections.

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Atlanta Property Management
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